Identity Card, the Trusted Personal Identity
Hit Counter Visitors

Procurement of Service & Maintenance Agreement and Licensing of 04 Nos. of VxRail Cluster Server Systems in DRP for one year.

Recommencement of Oneday Service with effect from 25.10.2021 for issuing National Identity Cards which was temporarily suspended.

Media Notice for Public
Reopening of public services of the Department for Registration of Persons

Scheme of Recruitment for the post of Document Helper in the Primary Non- Technical Service Category of the Department for Registration of Persons

Collect studio detail for install ICAO software

Please download attached application and minimum requirement list. The certified copy of the relevant documents and the duly completed application form should bring when you coming for the training.



Application for applying IC

A technological card to establish the identity of Sri Lankan citizens


A Special  Programme to issue Identity Cards to those persons who were displaced by floods and Landslips… 


An amendment to the Number in the National Identity Card from 2016



Photo studios qualified for taking photographs for the new Smart Identity Card

How photographs are taken for the new Identity Card from 01.09.2017

Read the new regulations of registration of persons for your information.
The gazette of 22.12.2015 - No. 1946/31



Right to Information


Right to Information Act

  Regulations promulgated under the Right to Information Officers  

Details of Information Officers


Procedure to be followed to access information


RTI  Internal Instructions 01