Identity Card, the Trusted Personal Identity
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A Special  Programme to issue Identity Cards to those persons who were displaced by floods and Landslips… 


The Department has made arrangements to issue duplicate copies of National Identity Cards in place of lost, damaged, disfigured or twisted identity cards due to flood waters.

Arrangements have been made to issue Identity Cards after tallying details in the application with those of the Departmental records even without having to submit basic documents such as birth certificates ,  Probable age certificates or Nil reports.

All applicants have to obtain applications for Identity Cards from the Grama Niladhari. All applicants whose Identity Cards have been misplaced, should hand over a police report together with properly completed applications signed by the Grama Niladhari and counter signed by the Divisional Secretary.

To obtain Identity Card under this special programme, it is essential for the Grama Niladhari and Divisional Secretary to confirm that the relevant applicant has been affected by floods or landslides and that the documents needed for obtaining identity cards have been destroyed.

Commissioner General - Department for Registration of Persons