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Reopening of One Day Service of issuing National Identity Cards

One Day Service of issuing National Identity Cards, which was temporarily suspended due to Covid 19 epidemic has been decided to be recommenced by the Department for Registration of Persons on 2020.06.22 under health protection guidelines.

Considering the risk of gathering large number of applicants to the department premises at the same time an arrangement has been made to issue Identity Cards under special mechanism where 250 applicants at Head Office, Battaramulla as well as 50 applicants at Southern Provincial Office Galle to be catered per day at the initial stage.

Accordingly, the beneficiaries who wish to obtain NIC under the said special one day arrangement should submit their applications to the relevant Regional unit at Divisional Secretariat with duly certification of Grama Niladhari.

A Token Number with a date and time convenient to the applicant within 10 working days, should be obtained in this regard and a fresh date and time should be obtained once again from Regional unit,   if the applicant could not be present at the reserved date and time.

Persons with symptoms such as fever, cold and headache should not be present themselves at this special one day service. It should be noted that applicants who are present at the department premises must follow health instructions strictly and wearing a mask is mandatory.