Identity Card, the Trusted Personal Identity
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Obtaining a duplicate of identity card with amendments

Documents required to issue a duplicate in place of a defaced identity card 

When duplicates are issued for the identity cards issued after September,01,2014 it is not necessary to submit the birth certificate again with the existing identity card if there is no change in the information on the birth certificate.  However if the applicant needs to enter his employment in the identity card, documents to testify the employment should be submitted. Citizenship certificate, dual citizenship certificate, clergyship certificate, certificate of reclining of clergyship (de-robing), marriage certificate ect should be submitted as relevant.
When applications for duplicates of identity cards issued before September 01, 2014 are made, following documents should be submitted




පු.ලි.දෙ/වි 1,7,8 application form along with the photocopies of following documents certified by Grama Niladhari and/or Divisional Secretary or an officer authorized by him (Copies of certificates should be able to prove the name and the date of birth of the applicant)

  • Existing identity card
  • Birth certificate or the birth extract  


  • Probable birth certificate with a document to prove the date of birth (birth certificate of a child/ school leaving certificate/ certificate of leaving estate/ copy of a testified horoscope/ marriage certificate/ citizenship certificate/ affidavit )
  • citizenship certificate ( link )

Documents to prove the date of birth of applicants over 40 years of age who do not possess the birth certificate or probable age certificate

  • Results of search of registers issued by the Additional District Registrar
  • A written evidence to prove the name and date of birth. (Birth certificate of a child/ school leaving certificate/ certificate of leaving the estate/ copy of a testified horoscope/ marriage certificate/ senior citizens identity card)
  • Original of formal affidavit to prove the name, date of birth and place of birth (link the form) 

Documents to prove employment

  • Public sector -original of the service certificate obtained during the last six months.
  • Private sector - original of the service certificate obtained during the last six months.
  • Degree certificate and the professional certificate for the positions of doctors, engineers, lawyers, chartered accountants and architects.
  • Retirement letter/ Pension card to include retired position.
  • Business registration certificate for business persons.

Other documents required to issue identity cards

  • Samanera certificate or Upasampada certificate for a Buddhist priest
  • A certificate issued by the relevant department to prove the clergyship of other religions.
  • Certificate of reclining of clergyship (de-robing) from the relevant department
  • Marriage certificate to include the surname of the husband.
  • Citizenship certificate issued by the Department of Immigration and Emigration to prove that the applicant has obtained Sri Lankan citizenship in the case of the person born abroad to a Sri Lankan mother and father. (Link ) 
  • Original of the dual citizenship certificate or copy of the certificate certified by Divisional Secretary if the applicant holds dual citizenship
  • 3 colour photographs of 1 3/8 x 7/8 with sky blue background.

Special Notification
For information regarding photograph specifications to be used from 01/09/2017 , please click > (New Photograph Standards)

  • Rs. 3.00 stamp fee.
  • Form ……………… filled by those who failed to apply for registration during the prescribed time period (Link) indicating the reasons for such delay, certified by Grama Niladhari and the Divisional Secretary.
  • Certification of the application
  • Grama Niladhari ( Countersigning by Divisional Secretariat is compulsory )
  • For estate residents, the superintendants of the estate.

Handing over the completed applications for identity cards

  • Ordinary Service :
    • to the certifying officer
  • One Day Service :
    • to the One Day Service Branch of the Department for Registration of Persons, Colombo.