Identity Card, the Trusted Personal Identity
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Essential documents required for the issuance of an Identity Cards

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Application for an Identity Card
Declaration (පු.ලි.දෙ/10/02/03)that an identity card has not been obtained during the prescribed time and no application has been made

Registration of Persons Act No 32 of 1968

Registration of Persons Amendment Act No 8 of 2016

Regulations of 22.12.2015 published in gazette notification no 1946/31 dated 22.12.2015

Regulations of 30.05.2017 published in gazette notification no 2021/28 dated 31.05.2017

Certificate issued at the time of registration of a person born outside Sri Lanka

Declaration at the renouncing of Sri Lankan citizenship

Citizenship certificate issued to a spouse of Sri Lankan citizen

Certificate issued after issuing the citizenship by registration to those visa holders under Residential Guest Scheme

Declaration of renouncing of citizenship

Dual citizenship certificate

Citizenship certificate issued after registering as Indian and Pakistani residents

Certificate issued after awarding citizenship under Indo- Sri Lanka agreement

Citizenship certificate issued under Awarding Citizenship to Substitutes Act

Affidavit on the citizenship by registration of persons of Indian origin



































Citizenship certificate issued to persons of Indian origin

Citizenship certificate issued to persons of Chinese origin

Specimen of birth certificate

Abstract of birth certificate

Probable age certificate

Adoption certificate

Result of checking documents

Applicant’s declaration about the delay

Specimen of marriage certificate

Specimens of death certificate

General Instructions and formats for the verification of National Identity Card Numbers of deceased persons